Weird Tales No 22. (UK) "Whisper Water" by Leah Bodine Drake. [editor D. McIlwraith]

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Contents: Whisper Water - Leah Bodine Drake The Living Eyes - Justin Dowling I'll be Back - David Eynon Strange Harvest - Donald Wandrei Morthylla - Clark Ashton Smith A Corner for Lucia - August Derleth A Fog was Blowing (verse) Stanton A Coblentz Between Two Dreams - Felix Marti Ibanez The Vengeance of Kali Mai - Garnett Radcliffe Requiem for a Sinner (verse) Pauline Booker Mandrake - Adam Hull Shirk wife of the Dragonfly - Paul Ernst.


 Weird Tales. UK Edition. 

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 Used, good. Moderate wear.