The Unlikely Hero: George Scott Robertson by Dorothy Anderson

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Beginning his career as a British Surgeon Major in Afghanistan, George Scott Robertson found himself defending Chitral Fort in 1895 against a besieging force of thousands of tribesmen. He was celebrated as a hero, but this was only one chapter in what was an extraordinary life. Travelling in India, Canada and Kafiristan, he took part in numerous military expeditions on the Frontier, wrote a renowned ethnography, 'The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush', and in later life became a vociferous MP representing Central Bradford, whose radical Liberal views both pleased and shocked his constituents. Elegantly written and well researched from materials provided by the Robertson family, 'An Unlikely Hero: George Scott Robertson' is the story of an adventurer, ethnographer, soldier, surgeon, businessman and politician, which will be of interest to any student of the period.


 History Press

Date published

 2008 First edition


 Hardback with dust jacket