The Stonehenge Companion by James McClintock

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About the Book: A romance for some scholars, a headache for others, this most mega of megaliths has inspired literature, art and naked dancing in abundance since its inception nearly 5000 years ago. Suffused with atmosphere, these baffling blocks of stone will mesmerise us for as long as they stay standing. "The Stonehenge Companion" revels in the Summer Solstice and feels the grass beneath its feet as it cavorts into the inner circle of the sacred and secretive structure. Unearthing the teeming years of investigation that have been ploughed into the site, the book profiles the scholars and creative minds that the stone circle has fascinated and provides answers to such granite-heavy questions as...How do you get there? From this mystical monument we will learn: The variety of theories that have been ventured for the henge's existence; How many centuries of planning and perfection went into the structure; Which rock bands have embarrassed themselves with onstage replicas; Why it is a temple to the sun; Who continues to worship at the site; and, Which sites it competes with in the league of ancient British artefacts?


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