The Philo Vance Murder Cases: 6-The Gracie Allen Murder Case & the Winter Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine

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Philo Vance's final cases

These are the final two tales in the complete Leonaur collection of the Philo Vance Murder Cases. Volume six contains the eleventh novel-'The Gracie Allen Murder Case'. Fortunately George Burn's zany companion is not the victim of the crime, but she provides predictable comic relief to the case, making this an unusual and quite experimental Vance story. The twelfth and final story, 'The Winter Murder Case', is in fact a short novel-that once again demonstrates the insight and understanding of one of fiction's great fictional characters. Included in this final volume are S. S. Van Dine's rules for detective story writing, which make this book a must not only for Philo Vance fans but for aspiring authors as well!



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