The Philo Vance Murder Cases: 1-The Benson Murder Case & the 'Canary' Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine

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S. S. Van Dine was reckoned to be the favourite crime fiction writer of two United States Presidents. Certainly, novels about his famous character, the erudite Philo Vance, topped the best seller lists for months and broke all records in their day for sales of detective fiction. In the first story of this first Leonaur volume, 'The Benson Murder Case', we are introduced to the dilettante hero of this riveting detective series. Another 'man about town' has been slain and the man we know as Vance feels he is uniquely qualified to assist the NYPD to seek out the identity of the murderer. To the satisfaction of his many fans he has embarked on a remarkable and entertaining career in the solution of bizarre crimes. In the second story 'The Canary Murder Case', a sexy night-club singer known as the 'Canary' is found murdered in her apartment. She had a number of men in her life, ranging from high society figures to mobsters from the criminal underbelly of New York in the roaring twenties. All have an alibi, but it could be that one of them is a killer. Philo Vance 'Murder Cases' were phenomenally popular in America and many were translated to the movie screen. Leonaur have gathered together all of these classic crime novels into one collection to bring them together for existing fans and new enthusiasts to enjoy anew.



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