The Phantom Death and Other Stories by W. Clark Russell

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W. CLARK RUSSELL (1844-1911) was an English author, and a sailor for several years before he turned to journalism and fiction. He was well-regarded in his day for THE WRECK OF THE GROSVENOR and for THE DEATH SHIP, A STRANGE STORY (sometimes reprinted as THE FLYING DUTCHMAN). He wrote much on nautical topics and campaigned to improve working conditions for seamen.

The Phantom Death and Other Stories collects 11 of Russell's classic horror-laced nautical stories, including: "The Phantom Death," "Brokers' Bay," "The Lazarette of the Huntress," "A Memory of the Pacific," "So Unnecessary!," "The Major's Commission," "A Nightmare of the Doldrums," "Try For Her in Fifty," "The Chiliman Tragedy," "The Secret of the Dead Mate," and "The Transport."


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