The Last Viking by Ron Dawson

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This is a new UK edtion of Ron Dawson's highly rated first novel. Revised and with more location photographs, the cover for this UK edition was designed by Infinite Wisdom film productions (see website under Feature Films)who have a contract to bring the novel to the silver screen. At the cost of his own life, the last surviving member of the Aston Villains tells the inside story of a daring robbery. Telling of sea crossings in the dead of night in amphibious vehicles, the destruction of a peaceful island s links with the outside world, the capture of its police force, shootings, horrific torture and deaths, high stake gambles, treachery, revenge, inter-gang rivalries, the unremitting merciless powers of Her Majesty's Secret Services, Nazi money laundering, impetuous and divisive sex, this is a fast moving story with unexpected twists and turns. But why was news of this massive and violent raid murderously suppressed by the British establishment? Why did some of the gang walk free while others had to die? And just what was Ronnie Wheeler's final deal, and why did he also have to die?

Publisher: MT Books

Date published: 2009

Format: Paperback