The Kray Madness: The shocking truth about Reg and Ron from the East End gangster they almost destroyed by Chris Lambrianou and Robin McGibbon

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For many, the Kray twins are legends but for Chris Lambrianou they were something else entirely . . . As a young East End tearaway, Chris turned to crime to escape the grinding poverty of his life. Armed robbery, safe blowing, fraud, even attempted murder - the big brash Cockney did the lot. Then, when he became too successful, the Krays decided they wanted a slice of his action. Pulled into their orbit, Chris was unimpressed by a crime empire built on fear, and alarmed to realise his brother Tony had become a paid up member of their firm. Then Chris was lured to the party that ended in the murder of Jack the Hat McVitie. Wanting to protect Tony, Chris helped dispose of the body. He was arrested along with the Krays and their firm, and after a sensational trial he was jailed for life in 1969.

In this searing autobiography, he also describes what it's like to face life as a category A prisoner, the beatings and harsh regime, the friendship he found with other prisoners like Charlie Richardson and Bruce Reynolds. Still, in deep despair after years inside, he tried to kill himself but ultimately found the strength not just to survive but to change his life forever . . .