The History of the Prussian Garde Du Corps During the Campaign of 1866 by Count Ferdinand von Bruhl

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The History of the Prussian Garde du Corps during the Campaign of 1866 is a new addition to Helion & Company's series of translated regimental histories, focusing on the campaigns of the mid-nineteenth century. As a genre of military history, regimental accounts are valuable, for they frequently describe incidents and details which escape the more general histories and battle accounts. The Garde du Corps was Prussia's elite cavalry regiment - King Wilhelm I himself was its patron. Count Ferdinand von Bruhl's text gives a full account of the Regiment's mobilisation and participation in the Campaign of 1866 against Austria. The Garde du Corps was present at the battles of Skalitz, Schweinschadel and Koniggratz, although its veterans no doubt also remembered the Regiment's many days of hard-marching on scanty rations! The text also throws much light on the Prussian cavalry horses in 1866 - their physical state, fodder (or lack of it), and overall performance during the campaign. Detailed appendices provide complete officer and casualty lists, plus information about decorations and medals awarded. The text is supplemented by additional notes from the translator. Bruhl's book offers the interested reader an excellent opportunity to acquire a rare text illuminated by gems of detail. Key Features Detailed record of Prussia's elite Guard cavalry regiment during the Campaign against Austria. Throws much light on the performance and material of the Prussian cavalry in 1866Detailed appendices incl. complete officer and casualty lists, plus information on medals & decorations.


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