The Historical Jesus in the Twentieth Century by Walter P. Weaver

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In the present volume, Walter P. Weaver tells the fascinating story of Jesus research during the first half of the twentieth century. Written in a clear and engaging style, Weaver's story chronicles not only the progress of Jesus research but also the cultural drifts and sociological phenomena that relate to the varying pictures of Jesus that scholarship has produced.

The story begins at the turn of the century with Albert Schweitzer and the publication of The Quest of the Historical Jesus. Making its way through two world wars, during which Jesus scholarship was mesmerized by national peril and driven to a period of pause, the story ends with the remarkable discovery in the 1940s of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi documents-- discoveries that would stir the world of biblical scholarship for years to come. Throughout this period, Weaver points out, a struggle went on for the Jewish soul of Jesus. The period was also characterized by many attempts to popularize the results of Jesus research and to present Jesus as a public icon.

Walter P. Weaver is Emeritus Professor of Religion at Florida Southern College and former Chair of the Humanities Division and Department of Religion and Philosophy, and Pendergrass Professor of Religion. He is co-editor of the Faith and Scholarship Colloquies series published by Trinity Press.


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