The Girl's Book of Enchantments: Everyday Magic for Modern Life by Lucy Summers

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It's benevolent witchcraft with a light touch—modernized for the twenty-first century's girl on the go! The Girl's Book of Enchantments will serve today's girls as a handy little fast-reference guide to spell-casting. Accessible, hassle-free spells require ingredients easily found in cupboard, refrigerator, or the local supermarket. A chapter titled "Hex and the City" tells today's girl-about-town everything she needs to know about spellcasting to find a great date, land the perfect job, and increase her popularity. Chapters that follow concentrate on charms and spells for making money, keeping a mate faithful, enhancing health and beauty, and taking full advantage of the magical powers and delights that are special to each of the four seasons. Three sealed enchantments claim to possess super power, and are recommended for emergency use only. Here's a book that mixes magic with lighthearted fun.




Barron's Educational Series

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Hardback with dust jacket