The George of Port Seton by Ian Hustwick

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The history of a 17th-century trading vessel and its master that provides an account of shipping and trading hundreds of years ago. The "George" was probably a product of the well-established shipbuilding industry in Leith, made in the latter part of the 17th century. The book includes a wealth of information is included on topics such as the construction of the hull form and fittings, an inventory of equipment, details of the navigation instruments that were used, how the tonnage was calculated and the different types of sails. Details of the ship's expenses show the food purchased which consisted mainly of meat, beer and bread - apparently standard fare for all voyages for the master and crew! Freight such as salt and coal were carried to surprisingly diverse places as Rotterdam, London, Norway as well as more local ports. Extracts from the accounts show the cost of these journeys. One erstwhile master of the "George", James Forrester, was seized by French privateers in 1710 and held for ransom. It was only due to the efforts of his wife, Janet Johnston, that he was eventually released. This account was taken from records of an Admiralty Court case in Edinburgh that she had raised.


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