The Collected Strange & Science Fiction of H. G. Wells: Volume 6-The War in the Air & The World

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Volume 6—The War in the Air & The World Set Free

For those who know anything of the most outstanding British authors of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the name of Herbert George Wells (1866-1946) needs little introduction, for he wrote on many subjects. He is principally remembered as one of the ‘Fathers of Science Fiction’ and this six volume Leonaur collection focuses upon his writing in that genre—from the strange to the fantastical and scientifically prophetic—with which he will forever be associated. These wonderful and dramatic stories have been gathered together in these attractive, good value volumes in chronological order of original publication.

‘The War in the Air’ (1906) is a prophetic military science fiction novel that heralded the coming of the First World War and the new dimension of aerial warfare. A true worldwide war comes about as a result of a German attack on the United States of America which escalates as the Asian powers engage their own forces. ‘The World Set Free’ (1914) predicts a new incredibly destructive weapon which with hindsight suggests the effects of the atomic bomb though on a more personal scale.



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 2020 First Leonaur edition 


 Hardback with dust jacket