Submarine: Hunter & Hunted-British Submarine and Anti-Submarine Operations During the First World War by Charles W. Domville-Fife

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A fine overview of subs and sub-killers

This comprehensive book concerns the operations of the Royal Navy to deal with the enemy submarine threat in the conflict for the dominance of the seas and oceans during the Great War. The global nature of this first massive war of the twentieth century gave the submarine its first opportunity to be a significant and influential weapon. Such was its impact and so clandestine its sphere of operation that methods to oppose it were developed with urgency, ingenuity and variety. Here the reader is introduced to the hydrophone, the depth charge and other bizarre initiatives to combat the underwater predators. The Convoy system, mine-laying, mine-sweeping, nets and traps are covered in detail. Of particular interest are the ships specifically designed to destroy the submarines-here are the armed trawlers, the ships disguised as harmless merchant vessels, secretly armed to deliver deadly retaliation as their trap was sprung and the fast patrol and torpedo pursuit boats. Finally, the newest arm is described as sea-planes are developed and put into service to rain destruction down from the skies. A fine all round history on the subject excellently complimented by photographs and diagrams.