Sleepfaring: A Journey through the Science of Sleep by Jim Horne SIGNED

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Signed by the author 'To John, best wishes, Jim Horne' 

What is sleep? Why do we sleep? How much do we normally need, and what happens if you don't get enough sleep? Are we modern people with busy lives suffering stress from 'sleep debt'? 

This book is about all aspects of sleep. It's a subject that interests and worries a lot of people. In recent years, the nature of sleep, our sleeping patterns, how much sleep we need, and the dangers of lack of sleep have become increasingly important, as people work longer hours, styles of working have altered, and the separation between workplace and home has been eroded by the mobile phone and the Internet. From drowsiness at the wheel, to stress and insomnia, this is a subject that matters to people. 

Jim Horne gives an engaging account of what science has found out about sleep, and problems related to sleep - from snoring to sleep apnoea. He brings in brain physiology, psychology, medicine, and social factors. The book highlights recent research and Horne does not shy away from areas of controversy, for instance regarding the amount of sleep we actually need. As a result, it is likely to provoke lively debate among sleep researchers, as well as fascinating the general reader. As well as being richly informative about the nature of sleep, this book may just help you to get a good night's rest.


New. Minor dust wear to top edge. 


Oxford University Press

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