Secret Story by Ramsey Campbell (new) First Edition 2006

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Dudley Smith works in the unemployment office but in his spare time he writes stories murder stories set in Liverpool. All of his tales relate to the experiences of Mr Killogram, a serial killer who takes pleasure in murdering women in a variety of ways but still managing to make the deaths look accidental. When his mother decides to send one of his stories in to a competition being run by a new magazine, Mersey Mouth, she never imagined it would win but it did! If that were not enough Dudley is then approached by a company wanting to make a film of his stories it seems that he has finally made the big time. As the team at Mersey Mouth start to advertise Dudley's story they are approached by a woman claiming that the story is not fiction and it is actually based on the death of her daughter a few years earlier. Although Dudley claims to be unaware of the incident surely this is more than coincidence? Secret Stories is the latest story by Ramsey Cambell to be published by PS Publishing and follows the life of Dudley Smith as he strives to become a best selling author. What we the readers are told, and the other characters are unaware of, is that Dudley has a very disturbing way of getting inspiration for his writing. He doesn't just copy real-life murder stories he actually goes out and commits them himself!


Publisher: Tor Books New York

Date published: 2006 First Edition

Format: Hardback with dust jacket

 Condition: New.