Pendragon: The Definitive Account of the Origins of Arthur by Steve Blake and Scott Lloyd

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This book reveals the raw truth behind the colourful legends about Arthur and his Round Table, his battles, his court and his death. Blake and Lloyd prove that Arthur was once a real Dark Age warlord with an extensive family and a band of fearsome warriors at his command. His life story was politicised and mythologised by the very forces who sought to suppress him. But - as Blake and Lloyd reveal - traces of the real Arthur still survive. Pendragon takes us on an adventure back to the time and ancient landscape in which Arthur actually ruled. En route, the authors explode many accepted yet flawed theories and redefine the boundaries of Dark Age Britain. They reveal Arthur's true legacy and restore a national treasure to its rightful owners. Ultimately, they return a leader to the lands that still bear his mark and solve one of the greatest mysteries of the last 600 years by laying him to rest in his true grave.




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