Olympic Nemesis by James Morely

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…could they do it? Do the thing that would be with them to the end of their lives? Yes, but it would be touch and go…Emily Simpson’s Olympic dream is threatened by an internet gambling syndicate. Emily and crewmates Chloe and Erin, are selected to sail for Britain in games held in the mysterious South American country of Olifa. Emily’s father, Steve, is sailing in the Paralympics. Speculation about a father daughter double gold puts both under threat. Former Olympian Steve recovers from a stroke to rediscover his love of sailing. Emily’s Danish mother Kirsten, lives in the shadow of her family’s Wartime disgrace. Rumours about Emily’s ancestry bring her and her partner, Tom, in danger from a deluded stalker. Reviews:-Based on the Olympics Jim Morley creates interest and mystery in a book that creates a gripping read. It is the third in a line of books that tell the story of a remarkable family who always seem to be in trouble. The book shows the strength of the Olympic spirit and the lengths people go to make their dream a reality. This book like all of Jim’s are filled with bad guys and good guys and after following this family from the beginning it is nice to see them taking on whatever life throws at them. An easy read that will grip you whether you sail or not.UK Paralympic contender Megan Pascoe. Olympic Nemesis proves that sailing can be fascinating especially when coupled with the murky world of gambling and race fixing. Hilary Johnson, critique reader. An enthralling read. Olympic Nemesis reflects the author’s lifetime with small boat sailing and racing and his first-hand experience of disabled sailing groups in the UK.Brian Grimwood, Chairman Frensham Pond Sailability.This book is truly gripping. Jim Morley has perfectly captured what it feels like to win at the very top and what it takes to get there. An exceptionally inspiring and motivating read. Rebecca Marriott, silver medal European Women’s Match Racing finals 2006.


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