Natural Remedies for Allegies by Paul Morgan

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Beautifully illustrated and packed with good advice, this book will be essential reading for the millions of people in this country who have to live with an allergy. It shows allergy sufferers that there are natural ways to reduce the risk of provoking an allergic response as well as self-help methods of controlling symptoms. Clear no-nonsense language explains what allergies are and what causes them. The pros and cons of conventional medical treatment are discussed. The various types of allergy, from food allergies to allergic skin conditions are explained. Shows how natural remedies - from herbal medicines, elimination diets and homeopathy to effective stress-management techniques - can help by both alleviating the symptoms of an allergic response and prevent one from occurring.

Publisher: Parragon

Date published: 1998

Format: Hardback with dust jacket

Condition: New