Mysterious Portland: Revealing the Sacred Landscape and Legacy of Britain’s Masonic Isle by Gary Biltcliffe SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR

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From the author:

"All over the world, there are islands like Portland in the county of Dorset strategically positioned along the sea coast that were utilised from the earliest periods of human history for religious purposes and trade and yet only legends are left to testify their former glory. It was Portland's missing legacy that set me on a quest to the discovery of a great mystery and the publication of The Spirit of Portland: Revelations of a Sacred Isle in 2009 and a new edition in 2016. Recently Portland has revealed more of its enigmas which has stretched my beliefs to the very limits and inspired this new revision with a new title and new pieces of the puzzle. There is a series of five updated walks with maps at the end of this book to help ground the information and connect you to the real Spirit of Portland."