Medieval Crafts: Men and Women at Work: A Picture Resource Pack for KS3 Medieval Realms

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Drawing on the extensive collection of medieval illuminated manuscripts in the British Library, this pack has been designed specifically to help pupils to progress through the attainment target with particular emphasis on historical enquiry. It includes a teacher's handbook with background information on the sources and suggestions for a range of pupil activities. Among the medieval crafts illustrated are: builders and shipbuilders; blacksmiths and carpenters; tanners; spinners and weavers; alchemists and goldsmiths; glass-blowers; armourers; and painters. A full-colour poster included in the pack is illustrated with a detailed picture of building a tower from "The Bedford Hours", a 15th-century book of hours.

The separate pictures could be framed and used as pictures.

Publisher: The British Library

Date published: 1996

Format: Paperback in poly cover