M. R. James' Dark Choices: Volume 4-A Selection of Fine Tales of the Strange and Supernatural Endorsed by the Master of the Genre; Including the novel 'Alive for Short' and one short story

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M. R. James is widely acknowledged as having been one of the finest exponents of the literary ghost story. Almost everyone who enjoys or has an interest in supernatural fiction will have read his outstanding stories, so those who are drawn to this anthology series will surely need no introduction to his work. Yet, James did not just write ghost fiction, he also wrote extensively about it. As one might expect, the combination of his academic background and his own mastery of the genre mean that his opinions and verdicts on the works of other writers of supernatural fiction are founded on considerable knowledge-if James declares a story to be good it is, in all probability, very, very good. James was not an easy reader to please and there are numerous tales that since his time have enjoyed wide public approbation that fared rather less well subjected to the incisive judgement of 'the master.' In the M. R. James' Dark Choices anthology series, the Leonaur Editors have gathered together the ghostly novels, novellas, short stories and ballads that did earn M. R. James'-sometimes qualified-seal of approval. Together they form a satisfying and unique anthology of five substantial volumes. Although, predictably, James was in agreement as to the abiding quality of several tales which to this day remain universally recognised as classics, he also acknowledged other authors and stories-on occasion representing a writer's only foray into the genre of supernatural fiction-which have rarely, if ever, been republished in the many anthologies of ghostly fiction which have appeared since the early years of the twentieth century. There can be no more M. R. James stories, but now we can read this remarkable author's own 'dark choices'-that select group of tales he considered to be the finest ghost stories ever written. The Leonaur Editors have carefully researched James writings and have included an introduction in each volume which references his comments on the stories included. There have been many ghost story anthologies created under many pretexts, but rarely one with such impeccable credentials as M. R. James' Dark Choices!
Included in volume four are the novel 'Alice-For-Short' and the short story 'Madam Crowl's Ghost.'
This collectable anthology series is available not only in paperback but also in hardcover with dustjacket. Leonaur hardcovers have quality, real cloth bindings with gold foil stamped spines and fabric head and tail bands.





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