Landscape of Memory by Jerry Bird

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There has been a tendency until recently to think of our history and ancestors in terms of epochs. Schoolbooks of the 1960s and 70s insisted that we were little more than savages until the civilized Romans came along; then the Romans became Christians and converted us too; then the Saxons arrived and we converted them; then the Vikings, and so-on up to the present day. History is, of course much more complicated than that model, and it is the survival against the odds of so much of our native pagan culture that has enabled the revival of Paganism as a thriving spiritual movement in modern times. Those pagan traditions, thanks in part to folklorists and archaeologists are now being uncovered and have provided the building blocks for the modern Pagan revival. This book takes the reader on a journey through the sacred landscape of England, visiting some of the lesser known sites of interest and exploring some of the stranger and often pagan aspects of folklore, music, tradition, literature, myth and legend that have survived in our hallowed land. This work pulls it all together.

Publisher: Green Man Books

Date published: 2009

Format: Paperback