King Arthur by Robert Dunning

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Pocket - sized book outlining information of the legendary King Arthur, with photographs of places of interest and items associated with the myth. 

King Arthur is the favourite of romantics and the bane of critical historians. There will never be absolute proof of his existence, for our main sources are more or less deliberate fictions, but there is enough to suggest for most a hidden truth and quite enough to inspire, from the Dark Ages to the present day.

Over the centuries the story of Arthur has been embellished and re-told, from medieval romances to Pre-Raphaelite painters to twentieth-century Hollywood. And yet the kernel of the story of a remarkable leader who inspired a devoted following has remained constant through the ages. But who was Arthur? Was he man or myth?

This handy, pocket-sized, hardback biography answers these questions and provides the ideal introduction in words and pictures to Arthur, his life and the places where his remarkable spirit can perhaps be felt even today.





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Small hardback with dust jacket