Jack the Ripper: An Encyclopaedia by John J. Eddleston

Jack the Ripper: An Encyclopaedia by John J. Eddleston

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The author uses a critical case review of the kind that is now used to scrutinise unsolved crimes. He re-checks, re-examines and re-evaluates the facts, conjectures, newspaper accounts, eyewitness reports and official pronouncements. The book includes: - Descriptions of the locations where the bodies were found. - Detailed histories of the victims - Profiles of key police officials and examinations of police procedures, investigations, blunders and errors - Detailed of prevailing myths about the case - A meticulous evaluation of all the chief suspects - Comprehensive analysis of the existing literature - Discussions of written communications ostensibly sent by the Ripper - A closely reasoned and well-supported argument identifying the most likely suspect. Maps, illustrations, a chronology, an introduction, a bibliography and an index complete this comprehensive reference to a notorious chapter in British criminal history.




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