Independent Force: The War Diary of the Daylight Bomber Squadrons of the Independent Air Force 6 June - 11 November 1918 by Keith Rennles

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In late 1916 and early 1917 the Royal Naval Air Service had bombed Imperial Germany and whilst the attacks were not greatly successful they proved that targets could be reached inside the enemy. And when the Germans in turn started to bomb London in 1917, public opinion began to call for revenge attacks and plans were put in place. The Army and Navy for their part, wanted a resumption of attacks on Germany's war industries. General Smuts, a member of the War Cabinet, prepared a report whose main thrust was that a separate Air Ministry and Air Force should be set up, independent of the Army and Navy and that a strategic bomber force should be formed within this force, whose sole purpose was to attack Germany. Parliament approved in November 1917 and eventually the RAF was born in April 1918, and on 6 June the Independent Force was officially formed. Keith Rennles has patiently researched all documentary evidence and reports to piece together the day-by-day record of the IF's achievements and the tremendous contribution of its pilots and personnel. This is their story. A useful reference for students of 55, 99, 104 and 110 Squadrons.




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Date Published:

2002 First Edition


Hardback with dust jacket