In the Service of Life: A Wiccan Perspective on Death by Ashleen O'Gaea

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The only book available that addresses exclusively Wiccan approaches to death, this is a gentle and straightforward meditation on mortality, death and the afterlife. The attitudes reflected honour the Pagan respect for the whole of life, of which death is a single integral part. Blending common sense, Wiccan theology, experience and compassion O'Gaea provides a unique exploration of one of society's last taboo subjects with thoughtful and thorough advice on a variety of topics from spells and rituals to the issues surrounding reincarnation, while also offering practical advice on the hospital ritual, handling funeral arrangements and even what to do in the event of a suicide. This seminal work will teach readers how to cope with losses both old and new, and how to find hope for the future.

Publisher:  Citadel Press

Date of   publication: 2003