Heal Yourself with Flowers and Other Essences by Nikki Bradford

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This groundbreaking new title is the first to bring this wonderfully simple, gentle and effective therapy to a general market. Being hailed as the new medicine for the 21st century, flower essences are already used successfully by pain clinics, child psychotherapists, and vets, as well as all manner of complementary therapists. These miraculous essences act subtly but effectively to ease depression, restore energy and vitality, purify and detox, heal past traumas, release suppressed emotions and bring relief for many other problems. Now you too can experience the phenomenal power and energy of these essences, which goes straight to the heart of the most challenging problems, fast! They are perfectly safe with no side effects, so are perfect for self-help and for giving to family and friends. They work equally well on women, men, children, animals and even plants. The introduction provides background on the history of energy medicine and flower healing in particular as well as a guide to finding the right essence or combination for every situation. Chapters focus on a number of different emotional issues ranging from stress and grief, anxiety and fear, exhaustion and depression, to sexuality and relationships. Between ten and twelve different essences are suggested for each issue as well as help with grounding, protection, intuition or developing your psychic powers. Each entry includes a brief description of the essence, the negative points it can address and the positive invitation it offers. Over 100 flowers are illustrated. A repertory cross-reference section enables you to look up your problem, and find the most appropriate essence. Names, addresses and websites of essences makers and suppliers are given in the appendix.




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