Ghost Force: The Secret History of the SAS by Ken Connor

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Containing explosive details of operations unknown even to 99% of serving SAS men, this is the definitive history of the regiment written by an ex-SAS soldier of 23 years experience. From it's eye witness accounts of the 1st post war operations in Malaya in the 1950's to it's controversial blueprint for the future this is the SAS book that makes all other histories of Britain's elite special forces redundant. A serving soldier in the SAS for 23 years and the key figure in the creation of the anti-terrorist unit of the SAS, responsible for storming the Libyan embassy, Ken Connor is in a unique position to wweave together personal experience and the eyewitness accounts of close friends and colleagues to build a unique picture of the post war history of the SAS. From Afhanistan to East Germany, from Texas to the Gulf, this is the complete picture of the SAS, containing details of operations that even most SAS men are unaware of.