Galahad by Paul Newman

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GALAHAD by Paul Newman
The Peninsula Prizewinning Novel

"Brilliant – Galahad lights up the Dark Ages" Colin Wilson

Paul Newman describes his prizewinning novel as an 'on the road autobiography of Arthur's most pure and noble knight.' But the hero of Arthurian legend is, as it turns out, somewhat easily led astray and his best intentions are beset with temptations that our young innocent finds it impossible to resist. From the outset his determination to preserve his celibacy as a novice monk is thwarted by the lax morals in his Dorset monastery and life goes downhill from there.

When Galahad joins the Knights of the of the Round Table and is chosen by King Arthur to seek the Holy Grail, what follows is a series of adventures - you know the kind of thing: partaking in the blood-broth ceremony of King Cealwin, the cuckolding of Sir Bors, the rescue of the aeronautic King Bladud's daughter, and defending the honour of a mouse.

Alongside such commonplace activities in the life of a knight errant are a few extraordinary events, not least of which is the 'discovery' of the Holy Grail. Oh, and we forgot to mention the hearty Vikings...