Flanagan's Legacy by James Morley

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An international conspiracy in 1919. The killing of children in a Spanish village in 1937.Distant events come back to haunt the lives of Clare O’Dwyer and Michael Walters a young couple unborn at the time of either. It is the early summer of 1994. Clare has inherited the fortune of her grandfather, US Senator James O’Dwyer: war hero, rogue politician and last living survivor of the Flanagan Plot. Even after seventy years the truth would cause a fatal breach in relations between the United States and Britain. Clare finds herself threatened by security services and terrorists. To escape she flees to sea in her yacht Quadra with her English lover, Michael Walters. Their voyage takes them to France, Dorset, Cornwall and finally West Cork. They are abducted by terrorists and survive a force ten gale near the Fastnet rock. In a dramatic climax the truth of the plot emerges and Clare discovers something about her grandfather that will change her life for ever.


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