Fantasy Sci Fi 25th Birthday Library Collection of The Many-Coloured Land: The Saga of The Exiles by Julian May

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Fantasy & SF Book Club 25th Birthday Library Collection Edition


Part 1 - The Leavetaking

Part 2 - the Initiation

Part 3 - The Alliance


This is the first book in "The Saga of the Exiles" series. Among the misfits and mavericks of the 22nd century, there are those who pass through the time-doors of the Pliocene Epoch into the battleground of two warring races from a planet far away.

About the Author:

Born in 1931, Julian May sold her first short story to John W. Campbell's Astounding magazine in 1951. But she didn't return to genre fiction until the 1980s. May then wrote the phenomenally successful Saga of the Exiles, followed by the Galactic Milieu series. The Many-Coloured Land won the Locus Best Novel Award and was shortlisted for numerous other high-profile genre awards.


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