Everyday Initiations: How to Survive Crises Using Rituals by Rudiger Dahlke, MD, PhD

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Birth puberty moving into your first home marriage aging death - today's society is coping less and less well with these very normal phenomena in daily life. The big changes in one's life are considered crises. What earlier generations took as a reason for celebration now creates misery and problems for us. We have lost the rituals that supported those earlier societies and this loss has severe consequences. The less we concern ourselves with the meaning and outcomes of life's crises the more they manifest themselves in our physical bodies - as diseases and other ailments. We develop symptoms that correlate directly with our emotional problems. This book explains in detail which disease may result from unresolved crises. It presents the key to use those changes for positive change. The author Dr. Rudiger Dahlke has worked with thousands of people to bring about this change. He is a medical doctor for psychosomatic medicine and a successful therapist in Germany.


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