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Every Trick in the Book by Charlie Dancey

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From Unicycles to Levitation, and Vanishing Coins to Lion-Taming, no secret has been left unexplored in the search for wilder, wackier and more extraordinary tricks to include in this, the most extensive encyclopædia of electic expertise - ever! Profusely illustrated and completely cross-referenced, each trick is clearly explained step-by-step in words, pictures and diagrams. So whether you need to Handle Poisonous Snakes, tie Knots or perhaps impress your friends and family with your Whip-Cracking skills - this manual will tell you how. Charlie Dancey is the best-selling author of The Encyclopædia of Ball Juggling and How to Ride Your Unicycle. A circus performer, magician and self-styled maverick, this collection of tricks is sure to be a hit with tricksters of all ages.

Publisher: Squeeze Press
Date published: 2010
Format Harback
Condition: New