Emily's Hour by James Morely

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Everything changes for the Simpson family when the dead body of an internet millionaire is found in Branham Lake and a close friend is falsely accused of murder. It is 2004 and Steve and Kirsten, the central characters in James Morley’s first novel, The Nemesis File are now married and have settled in rural Sussex with their children Emily 13 and John-Kaj 8. Steve runs the family nautical business near Chichester but teaches sailing at Branham Lake on the Surrey Hampshire border. When further deaths occur, a police inspector facing a mental breakdown is convinced of his suspect’s guilt. While Steve and Kirsten fight to clear their friend’s name they have no inkling of the nightmare that is to engulf them. When Emily, along with an elderly war veteran, is abducted by a sacrificial religious cult, the family become the centre of worldwide attention. Emily’s Hour is a tense thriller, with a background in sailing that will engage both adults and teenagers alike.


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