Discovering Britain's Heritage: A Guide to the Historical Delights of Britain

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Scale: Road mapping 1:625,000 (9.9 miles to 1 inch).

This handy tourist atlas and guide focuses on Britain's rich and diverse heritage. The guide information, complete with photographs, is cross-referenced to the road maps and concentrates on historic houses, castles, ancient monuments and ecclesiastical buildings.

Britain has a rich and varied history, and this is reflected in the stately homes, beautiful cathedrals, castles and ancient monuments dotted around the country. This guide gives the visitor a taste of some of the best places to visit, presented in a handy format with detailed road mapping showing all the key locations.

This book includes:
• Information and photographs highlighting some of the top locations to visit in order to see the best of Britain's heritage.
• List of 'must-see' cities, towns and villages.
• Town plans and further visitor information on ten of the best of Britain’s heritage cities
• Maps with the top 500 locations clearly named and plotted.
• Illustrated throughout with colour photos.

This book is ideal for tourists from both home and abroad who have a special interest in Britain's heritage. It picks out some of the top locations that are definitely worth a closer look. Presented in a handy format with popular flexibinding which will sit comfortably in the glovebox or bag.





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