Cycles of a Traveler: True Tales of Voyage, Discovery and Synchronicity by Joe Diomede SIGNED

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Cycles of a Traveler - A celebration of humanity in all its wondrous glory and the world in all its devastating beauty. From the streets of The Bronx, Joe Diomede accomplishes his dream and heads out across America on his motorcycle for a once in a lifetime trip with his college buddy. For Joe it doesn't stop there - it turns into his yearly ritual. When a small mishap on one of those journeys puts him on a collision course with his life's path, the bitter reality of the poverty and injustice he confronts leads him to look at his life in a different light. A bicycle soon replaces his trusty motorcycle and we are lead down the backstreets of Japan, maneuver on the muddy roads in the rainforests of Borneo, freewheel throughout the European countryside, and up to a chance meeting with fate high in the Himalayas. While mingling with the people who share our planet we are drawn into a search for meaning at a time before the internet offered instant answers, and mobile phones kept us in constant contact. Explore the world from the saddles of Joe's cycles; adventure becomes accessible to us all, coincidence takes on new meaning and synchronous moments become the norm. We become conscious that, although cultural, linguistic, religious, and social differences seem to separate us all, we're truly on this ride together. Put on your leather jacket, slip on your bike shorts and enjoy these true tales of voyage, discovery and synchronicity.

Publisher: Authorhouse

Date published: 2010

Format: Paperback