Complete Climbing Manual by Tony Lourens

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From conquering great peaks to scaling a challenging boulder or leading a party up a difficult rock face, the thrill of climbing endures. Moreover, new techniques, materials and advances in technology have made it possible for climbers to tackle just about any surface or rock type. "The Complete Climbing Manual" is a comprehensive guide to all branches of climbing, covering traditional climbing, sport climbing, bouldering and big wall/aid climbing, as well as the expanding areas of ice climbing and indoor/gym climbing. As well as discussing techniques and methods, the book covers equipment and explains its uses and care. The ethics of climbing and issues such as access to remote areas (and private land) and environmental awareness are covered in depth. In addition, the book addresses leadership - from leading a pitch to inspiring confidence. Sections on advanced training explore mental preparation, controlling fear and specialized physical preparation, complete with a three-month training cycle to ensure that the climber peaks at the start of a competition (or multiday climb) and maintains strength, stamina and endurance throughout. The book also covers emergency procedures and overcoming climbing-specific injuries.

Publisher: New Holland Publishers Ltd

Date published: 2005

Format: Hardback with dust jacket