Captain Dangerous: The Complete Captain Dangerous by George Augustus Sala

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Dangerous by name-dangerous by nature

All three volumes of George Augustus Sala's rollicking adventures of Captain Dangerous have been brought together as a single collection in this special Leonaur edition available in soft cover or hardback with dust jacket for collectors. Dangerous is born in England in the reign of Queen Anne and his name is prophetic, for a life of peril, uncertainty and adventure he will certainly lead. This period romp has its hero launching himself into the exotic and colourful world of the early eighteenth century becoming among other things by turn a sailor, a soldier, a spy, taken into captivity and sold into slavery by the Moors and rising to the rank of Bashaw to the Grand Turk. These classic tales were hugely popular in their day and will be sure to delight today's enthusiasts of adventure and historical fiction.



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 Hardback with dust jacket