Briefly: Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion by David Mills Daniel

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"Briefly: Hume's Dialogues" is a summarized version of "David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion", which is designed to assist university and sixth-form students in acquiring knowledge and understanding of this key text in the "Philosophy of Religion". Based on, and page referenced to, Popkin's Hackett edition of the Dialogues, an important feature of the book is its close adherence to Hume's text, enabling the reader to follow each development in the argument as it occurs. It will be of particular value in helping students to revise for university examinations in Philosophy and Theology (the Dialogues is a popular set text in both subjects), and for A-level examinations in Religious Studies. The introduction contains a brief biography of Hume, examines and assesses the importance of the main issues covered by the Dialogues, and indicates where they are to be found in the text. There is a comprehensive glossary of terms.


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