Bad Kids of the Bible: And What They Can Teach Us by Thomas J. Craughwell

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These are the uber-brats of the Bible kids who killed, committed incest, sold siblings into slavery, or asked for an enemy s head on a dish. Each of the 28 stories in this book focus on a boy or girl from the Bible whose conduct was the stuff of parents nightmares. Some of these kids repented; others did not. Yet whether they turned their lives around or persisted in their wicked ways, there are lessons to be learned from these stories that we can apply to our lives today. The tone of the book is light-hearted, but not irreverent. The idea is to recognise in biblical characters our own family s foibles and failings. Furthermore, it is more interesting to read about rotten kids than about kids who are little angels it s certainly closer to actual family life. But the bottom line is that Bad Kids of the Bible can teach our kids (and their parents) what not to do, and the ones who cleaned up their act can show us how we can make improvements in our own lives, too.




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