Archaeology: The Science of Once and Future Things by Brian Hayden

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Brian Hayden offers a fresh approach to the study of archaeology at an introductory level. In archaeology he sets out a broad overview of the subject emphasizing the most interesting problems and conclusions. His approach is to shows how the world works from an archaeological perspective. He teaches students how to develop the conceptual tools of archaeology, how to examine the many specific eras in prehistory and sites to demonstrate how archaeologists draw conclusions, find answers and interpret the findings in their fieldwork. He believes this will stimulate their interest and provide the springboard for further study. archaeology is a gentle introduction to the often intimidating topics of science and theory, which are both approachable and enjoyable. "Archaeology. The Science of Once and Future Things is an innovative, stimulating introduction to archaeology. It should be the perfect complement to any of the standard texts currently available and is eminently suitable for introductory college courses. It is also an ideal book to recommend to the lay person who is interested in learning about the nature of archaeology research.


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