A Three-Foot Stool by Peter Wright [VERY RARE FIRST EDITION]

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"Excerpt from Three-Foot Stool It is still at the present day in the United States of Mexico that the model of the ranch is found, where the area is measured by scores of miles and the increase by tens of thousands of calves, and where owners live in paternal simplicity and state. AS it is in the State of Chihuahua to-day, SO it was in Texas, then undetached from Mexico, when the Southerners began to filter into it. They immediately adopted the system, and an etymologist could detect its origin by an examination of the cowpuncher's vocabulary, which is studded with Spanish words. It is especially the characteristic and peculiar words of his trade that come from that source. Their mere recital is a rough picture of Mexican life: the ranch-house with its circus-shaped yard, the corral; the remuda." (Goodreads) Very rare. First Edition, first impression. Subject - cattle ranching in the Americas.