17 Carnations: The Windsors, The Nazis and The Cover-Up b y Andrew Morton [1st Edition]

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The true story of Edward Windsor and Wallis Simpson's involvement with the Nazi regime, and the post-war cover-up.

The story of the love affair between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, and his abdication, has provoked endless fascination. However, the full story of their links with the German aristocracy and Hitler has remained untold.

17 Carnations chronicles Hitler's attempts to matchmake between Edward and a German noblewoman, and Wallis's affair with the German foreign minister, who sent her a carnation for every night they had spent together.
*Pro-German sympathizers, the couple became embroiled in a conspiracy to install Edward as a puppet king after the Allies' defeat.
* The Duke's letters were hidden for years as the British establishment attempted to cover up the connection between the House of Windsor and Hitler.

Thoroughly researched, 
17 Carnations reveals the whole fascinating story, throwing sharp new light on this dark chapter of history.