George Edmunds: Treasure Hunter and Author

George EdmundsGower Coast

(Anson's Gold is a sequel to Kidd, and is due to be published around August 2016)

George Edmunds lives in Weymouth UK, age 74 (originally from Wales) with partner Julia. Ex-Sales manager (engineering) and shop owner.

He was recently on BBC South Today TV show, having helped a woman find her lost ring in the Mediterranean Sea [link]

George has dived on the pirate Blackbeard's ship off North Carolina. He is particularly interested in maritime history.

Three books published; ‘The Gower Coast’, ‘KIDD the search for his Treasure’ and ‘Anson’s Gold’ (2016)

George has been Interviewed on the BBC and has also taken part in TV shows/documentaries about his subject.

He is a cruise ship speaker and his hobbies include – writing (half-way through first novel) and creating TV documentaries.

George has been a boat owner for many years. He also plays badminton and has a home flight simulator also Visual Reality (Oculus Rift). Creates 3D perspective pictures – they move as you do! Loves music, plays electric piano.