Carol Hunt

I am the author of The Portland Chronicles, a series of time travelling adventure stories for children set on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, published by Roving Press.
The cover of my first book was inspired by the West Cliffs of Portland, where I often walked, thinking about the past and what it means. In my stories, Isabel Maydew explores past centuries and finds the answers to difficult questions, such as why a seemingly harmless dragon is accused of the murder of Sally Lucke. Or who exactly is the Portland Giant? And why are pirates lurking in a neighbour's garden? History has always fascinated me and I feel that the influences of the past are never all that far away.
After The Portland Sea Dragon, I wrote three further Portland Chronicles, using local myths and legends as inspiration, including the phantom black dog, and the mischievous Southwell fairies, as well as local stories about pirates and smugglers, giants and ghosts. The books are called Enchantment of the Black Dog and Portland Pirates. The last book in the series, The Portland Giant, was launched in December 2012.
I am currently working on a story for young people set in and around Dorchester, drawing on the unique atmosphere of the hills along the Dorset Ridgeway and the history of this area.
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