Andy Christopher Miller - Author of The Naples of England

Andy Christopher Miller was born on Weymouth beach in 1946. (The post-War ‘baby bulge’ had resulted in all the beds in the maternity hospital being in use and hence the Lost Children’s hut on the beach was requisitioned as an extra ward.) He grew up and went to school in the town before leaving to train as a civil engineer in London in 1965. He worked subsequently as a teacher and then trained further to become an educational psychologist, finishing his career as a special professor of educational psychology at the University of Nottingham.
He has published ten books in his academic and professional field, but also book chapters, magazine and journal articles on topics as diverse as relationships, travel and mountaineering. In 2011 he won the Yeovil Literary Prize for Poetry and a collection of his published and unpublished essays and poetry has appeared as ‘While Giants Sleep’ (Amcott Press, 2011). His memoir of family, truth and secrets and what it was like to grow up in Weymouth in the years following the Second World War has been published as The Naples of England (Amcott Press, 2015).