Alice in Wonderland

Posted by Ann Newman on

In Lewis Carroll's classic children's tale, Alice wanders through the land that exists 'down the rabbit hole', finding many surprises and amazing characters along the way. Having read this book and its sister publication, Alice Through The Looking Glass many times as a child, I feel familiar with their many vignettes and twists and turns. However, only in my later adulthood, do I realise that so many situations in life are reflected in these masterpieces. For example, the action of looking at another world through a mirror (looking glass) and then finding oneself melted into it, only to discover everything seems to be backwards. This is what a child might feel as she enters the adult world, or indeed, someone with learning difficulties trying to make sense of the world. Here's another one - Alice met Tweedledee and Tweedledum in the woods, from which point there were two paths - one to Tweedledee's house and one to Tweedledee's house. Whichever path Alice decided to take, she would have ended up in the same place because they both lived in the same house. How many times, in life, do we make what seems to be an important choice, only to find ourselves at the exact place we would have been if we had actually taken the other pathway in life? And don't even start me on the Caucus Race being a reflection of our politicians! How many other incidents can you think of that are reflected in Alice?


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