The Moon Temple by Eric Mayo SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR

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".and then the moon disappeared behind a cloud and Steven became conscious of a shape coming towards the windows, vast and empty - a black void. As he watched it, with mounting terror, a fleeting memory came to him. He remembered standing in Rita's room and feeling that echoing sensation of deadness - but now the void was here." The Moon Temple follows a man's fate as he becomes ensnared in an occult web of murder, strange practices, passion and insane political ambition. Steven Downs knows nothing about witchcraft - after all, this is 2001, not the Middle Ages. However, when he arrives in Exmoor to take up a legacy, he is assailed by malevolent powers determined to destroy him. After a frightening incident, in a valley near Porlock, he is befriended by a young woman who has unusual beliefs and who uses practices that have their origins in the ancient past. She guides him into the world of spirit and, with her friend, a psychic medium, she comes to Steven's aid. Together they seek to uncover the mystery lying behind the psychic attacks. But, the inexorable laws of karma wield their own terrible power leading Steven into a desperate and tragic struggle and to a growing awareness of his own karmic destiny - a destiny touched by a potentially dangerous enigma.


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