The Fu Manchu Omnibus Volume 4 by Sax Rohmer

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Volume Four includes: The Drums of Fu Manchu: The sound of the drums carries a warning to fourteen world leaders who stand in the way of Fu Manchu's desire for world domination: surrender to his schemes, or die at the hands of his secret army. Even Nayland Smith has been marked for death by the beating of the drums... Shadow of Fu Manchu: The devil doctor plots to control the greatest weapon ever created - a weapon which dwarfs the power of the atomic bomb and which Nayland Smith must, at all costs, keep from falling into the hands of the most dangerous man in the world. Emperor Fu Manchu: No one in the Western world could be sure what lay behind the Bamboo Curtain, in the remote province of Szechuan. Only Nayland Smith suspects that the mysterious Master whom it hides, the true power behind Communist China, is in fact his old enemy, in a new disguise. His young undercover agent, Tony McKay, must enter Fu Manchu's domain to penetrate the veil of secrecy.


 Allison & Busby

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